SuperRes is an Internet based, Super-discount travel agency that specializes in the beautiful El Dorado Resorts in Mexico.

Since 1977, we have worked very hard to exceed everyone’s expectations by providing unbeatable rates, unparalleled service, and relaxing vacations.

We offer you convenient access to the lowest rates on any El Dorado Resort –  and our team is here for you whether you have a simple question – or total chaos.

No matter what you’re facing we will understand, we have been providing Super-Help for a long time, and after being part of so many vacations, we think we have seen it all.  Bring us your toughest question or problem and give us a chance to show you.

Our Assistance includes:

  • Prompt Quotes via email – Most online travel sellers lack the agility to check for last-minute price changes or unadvertised deals (called “flash” sales) but we can – our expert Team members know exactly how to find the lowest price possible at any given time.
  • We work hard for you – Take 15 seconds, type in your information and let us do the work finding the lowest price.    We are a very high volume producer for El Dorado and we watch our competition’s pricing very closely.   If someone beats our price call me.   Computers can’t negotiate, but I can.
  • We are here for you – If life gives you lemons you can call or email your Super-Help team – we’re here to help you.
  • We have been helping travelers since 1977 – In travel, if you aren’t the fastest, the lowest and the friendliest, you perish.  You can book with confidence knowing that we have been around for over 40 years and we aren’t going anywhere.   We are a big part of our local community and we are proud of each member of our incredible Team.

We are:

  • Licenced
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • and have met, – and maintain – rigorous financial, personnel and business standards as defined by our governing body, the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC)

    We are proud members of:

    • BBB – The Better Business Bureau
    • ARC – Airline Reporting Corporation
    • IATAN – The International Airlines Travel Agent Network